LUX Flow Check In: Wilton Hedley

As a LUXBMX supporter, no doubt you've been keeping up to speed with all things social media, the doubt is then also removed in terms of spotting a mystical gypsy-trucker hybrid in-store. The long, curly, matted head of hair, a striking presentation upon first glimpse, the facade of the man in question further enhanced through his burgeoning chest hair and 'bushy' attire. This fella goes by the name of Wilton Hedley

A once city-slicker, caught in the oily machine of a capitalist fuelled behemoth, just another sucker doing his best to get by. As the concrete landscape grew, the stench of the air increasing, the roads filling up with even more hungry participants, young Wilton began reaching the end of this phase of his life, he yearned for a change. Rather than caving to convenience and comfort, our boy Wilton said 'enough is enough', his chest widening, his posture improving, the glint in his eye returning. What was in his sight? The wide open road is what. 

Having spent most weekends with Wilton since I was a young fella, it was a weird feeling to not have him around. I suppose my change in life path meant I was equally less available, the pensive urge remaining muted. Rather, it was incredible to see the kid take to the road with an loose plan, a new-found zest for life and a watch that didn't work with no plan to fix it. The slate blank, practically heaving for adventure and memories. It is through this lens that you may wish to view the following. 

After a couple years on the road, new lady in tow, an ignorance to the blandness of current affairs and a lifetime worth of tales, Wilton is now less of a gypsy, more of a rooted nomad. Settled in norther NSW for the minute, Wilton recently made his way to the LUXBMX store to build up a new bike, based around a TMPRD 'Ritual' frame in mushroom.  Have a look at the thing below:

Look at him, have a good ol' look at him. Torn pants, shoes unaccounted for, some rag for a shirt and a sheen of grease, a mothers agitation. But hey, remember kids, it's not all about the facade, it's whats underneath that counts. For those seeking more substance, why not click play on the below video. Carefully arranged by young Wilton, the video has an astonishing 22 views, showcasing a highlight reel of his travels over the 2020-2022 period. It's a pretty good insight into what life on the road in outback Australia is like. 

 While we're on the topic of Wilton, Australia and TMPRD, why not refresh yourself to one of the dudes past web videos. This was a great time, being from the era of the second TMPRD revival back in 2017. I remember premiering this for the crew at Dulwich Street, incredible evening. 

Thanks and good night.