Hallowed Content: A Stream of Quality

The other night, after a day of work, playing with my son, cooking, cleaning and then working on the LUX Journal, I finally made space for some time to relax. What does one do to relax? In my case, it often involves arranging a playlist of the best BMX videos released that week. 

It feels as though there has been a lull in the quantity of output over the last few years, there are however a handful of brands that do a great job of prioritising team content, be it trips, jam tours, bike checks, video interviews etc. For whatever reason, the stars aligned last week, making way for an insane series of videos. Tantalised, appetising, churning, simply burning to lay my eyes on the latest and greatest biking trickery. 

While this process occurs without mention, this week felt notable enough to warrant sharing on the Journal. So, on the assumption that you may not have caught all these, or at least would find a sliver of enjoyment in being brought along for the ride I took, here we have the cream of the crop of freestyle BMX output. Hard not to be grateful for being able to, at the click of a button, watch some dude kill himself for 3 minutes, while I sit on my ass on the couch.


This dudes name always comes to mind when I think of the leaders of the nu-skool movement, clean, controlled and confident. Awesome to see Trent Lutzke up his game on the production too, something normally handled by the big dog Walter Pierenger or Zach Krejmas

Man, 20 minutes of Stew Johnson content, give it to me. Now. Exactly what I expected, exactly what I needed. REA does a great job in front of the camera, always cool seeing the lords son in action and Biz's role as trip uncle plays out well. 

Didn't expect this one. Lino Gonzalez' 90 East project blesses the internet with a 24 minute mixtape of raw ass, east coast street riding. A perfect antidote to the west coast Gen-Z style of biking. 

Second to last, Federal come through with another burst of insanity from their UK link Joe Jarvis. By now, I think we know what to expect from the dude, long lines, hang-5 whips, big 3s, rail nastiness and some well-received attitude and personality. This video delivers all, with Joe pushing himself beyond the last project through going slightly bigger, linking longer lines and going slightly faster. 

Another tech lord, another project of blood, sweat and tears coming to life. I feel as though each clip needs to be played in ultra-mega slo-mo so it can be properly appreciated. 

If only this was every week, although it is worth being conscious to how lucky we are to get even one of these a week. The effort involved to create a project like this is not slight, nor is the risk each dude takes to work through each clip. Well done to all involved. Big shakkas.