LUXBMX: The Weekender 002

Coming a mere week after the 001 version, to my delight, the Youtube browser offered me up the 002 episode of the LUXBMX 'The Weekender' series this afternoon. 

A bite-sized experience, although not a greasy clump of popcorn chicken, yet still slick, still attractive to the senses - the video features LUXBMX pro Josh Dove riding with Ryan Williams at his Sunshine Coast hinterland mega ramp. Riding might even be the wrong way to describe this, it's more like holding on and going about as close as one can to the troposphere. It's not of this world kind of stuff, and to be honest, at such a short length, is truly a tease. 

As the video description states:

"Join us for an epic afternoon at RWILLY Land! We ventured up the Sunshine Coast to film a promo for our summer LUXBMX tees and ended up with an unforgettable experience. Josh Dove got an invite to throw down some incredible airs with the legendary Ryan Williams. I was lucky enough to come along and capture all the high-flying action on camera. A huge thanks to Ryan for having us out at RWILLY Land and letting us be a part of this awesome session."

Get your eyeballs onto this would ya and while you're at it, there is a second video from the same day. That's right folks, you heard it right, a SECOND video, not one, not three, but two videos. This one also features young Josh Dove, although this time, more able to be described under the term of 'riding'. The kid flows around the Alexandra Headland bowl, another Sunshine Coast feature, sporting a variety of different LUXBMX shirts.

Tell me more about these shirts? I hear you query. Well, the new LUXBMX summer apparel has just dropped, described as the 'Eclipse' & 'Y2K' tees. These badboys come in a range of different colours and are tailor made to be an antidote to the summer heat, what with a fancy new breathable material. 

Watch the video and then pop on the LUXBMX online store and cop a couple shirts. 

 Rock on.