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Prody BMX: A Month in the Life of Colony BMX

Damn, this is an absolute gem. 

I've heard bits and bobs about this video from various dudes over many years and now finally, it's easily accessible in being online. This is significant in that it's a concentration of the broad selection of dudes under the Colony brand when it was (in my opinion) at it's peak. Bringing together this many influential riders to hit the road down the Australian east coast and then to finish off in New Zealand, over the period of a month, is nothing short of remarkable. 

We're talking Australian legends such as Richo, Radivo, Raggett and Guettler with the US links being Osato and Freimuth, and finally, joined by various guests including New Zealand BMX heavy Haimona Ngata. Oh, with photography by another great - Nitai Whitehurst. It's a whose who of bikers leading the way for the direction and progression of the Australian/New Zealand scene from the mid-2000s. 

Of course, the boys consume a few drinky poos

From the first clip, you know this is going to be special in offering more than just riding. It almost acts like a historical timeline, it tells a story and provides a super personal discernment of what BMX was like at the this moment in time. It would seem that Millsy was influenced by the Props style of product, showing the breadth of layers of BMX rather than simply the core element of riding. 

Shout out the footage from Heavy Metal Heroes (HMH) and NZ X-Air, I remember reading about these comps in 2020 or something similar, so to see footage for the first time close to 20 years later, is a proper experience. I unfortunately never made it to a HMH, so this is as good as it gets. Super cool to see Danger and Dillsy footage and get a sense for the crowd and atmosphere. Also shouts to the boys stopping in at the Triple 6 warehouse on the central NSW coast, crazy to see Chris Harrison (T6 owner) up in this badboy.

Richo upside at the Queenstown jumps, looking very different at this time

There are too many moments to highlight in this, and I recommend treating this like a DVD - allocate some free time and settle in on the big screen to give it the showing it deserves. Teaser, this ends with the infamous Mike Spinner 1080 and then leads into a glorious photo-montage outro of shots by Nitai Whitehurst. It's warming to watch.

 KR - Kenny Raggett in the captains seat, might not seem like much, but footage from the road can really enhance the story telling behind a video

As the YouTube description states:

"Released in 2007 produced by Prody Productions & Colony BMX.

Join the Colony team on a month long journey while hitting up a few comps along the way. They travelled in Australia from Brisbane down to Sydney. Then over to New Zealand's South Island & finishing up in Wellington New Zealand. Just basically living the BMX lifestyle... riding, chilling & having a good time.

Riders include - Ryan Guettler, Dave Freimuth, Pete Radivo, Kenny Raggett, Nick Richardson, Haimona Ngata, Clint Millar with special guest Dave Osato. Edited by Clint Millar."