Mike 'Hucker' Clark - S&M 'Built Different' Part

In and out with this one, let's let the strength of the S&M legacy and the capabilities of 'Hucker' do the talking. 

For the uninitated, S&M of having been around since 1987 fame, are as timeless as it comes, defining and propelling the best bits of BMX for over 3 decades. 

After an early phase with co-founder Greg 'Scott' Swingrover, Chris Moeller took the reigns and commenced his journey to proper legend, of which he continues to build upon. From here, as BMX Museum writes:

"For more than two decadent decades since, Moeller has steered the S&M ship through hell and high water. Crazy nights, ideas and antics aside, the goal at S&M has always been the same: to make good bikes and run things their way. With American flags and middle fingers waving in the wind, S&M will continue to sail the seas of BMX cheese until other companies make bikes as good as theirs or it’s not fun anymore. Neither of which looks likely to happen soon."

That about sums it up. 

To celebrate the recent 35 year achievement, Charlie Crumlish filmed/edited another classic full-length DVD/video for the brand, titled 'Built Different'. Feauting the entire team, the video is basically what you would expect from this duo, effect-laden editing, a diversity of top quality biking, a varied soundtrack replete with insincerity and an embellishment of the core values to which BMX thrives upon.

For mine, one part which stands out is that of Mike 'Hucker' Clark, a long haired laut, a moustached madvillain, a deceptively skilled biker and an icon for doing BMX right. Hucker kills and offers a 'heart on your sleeve' type take on BMX. This part doesn't appear as though it was years in the making, although, it doesn't need to be. It features a predominantly trails based timeline, of which the impact is achieved. For example, one clip that will not leave my mind is the 3-table at 1.29, an actual rainbow, a well-brushed horse coat, a hot shower on a cold day - a thing of beauty. The sound of his tyres ripping through the line at mach 1 speed, leading to the snap of the table at serious height, aw man it makes me feel good. Check it below:

The rest of the part also bangs, including the track, classic S&M. Get amongst it.