Ryan Guettler Video Interview

Ryan Guettler sits amongst Australian BMX royalty, one of (if not the leader) the insane group of Brisbane based bikers who came to take the American BMX landscape to task in the early 2000s. Prior to this legendary cavalry, consisting of big names like Corey Bohan, Dave Dillewaard, Colin Mackay, Nick Richardson, Nick Cooper, Tim Wood and Clint Millar (to name a few), Australian BMX was largely insulated and unknown to the centre of the BMX competition universe in the USA. If you were riding in televised competitions in America, you had officially 'made it' to the big time. Guettler not only made it to the big time, he set up camp there for over a decade. 

For all his achievements, including X-Games medals, countless Dew Tour podiums and a variety of other accomplishments, it is perhaps something much simpler and closer to home that has the most impact. 

To the point, a 2005 video interview uploaded to the Prody BMX Youtube. Excitingly, it would seem that there is more to come, as Clint Millar details:

"The first of many lost video's found in the dusty hard drives of the Prody Productions Apple Mac G4 from the early to mid 2000's. Ryan Guettler interview made for a 2020 BMX Magazine DVD released in 2005."

This thing has Props written all over it. The music has a subtelty, an early 2000s alternative tag, combined with the more overt elements of the hand held mic interview style, the change in locations, even down to the stylised music credits. It has a familarity to it that feels nice and warm. Beyond this cosiness, I think that Richo and Guetter do a great job asking and answering questions and the editor has equally done well to not overdo the task. 

Screenshot from the video, Richo on the right, Guettler on the left. How's about that TV and computer combo

This video would mean different things to different people. From my perspective, I love to see someone who was in all the magazines and videos I consumed in my formative BMX years, at a more personalised level. For someone who knew and rode with Guettler, it would naturally mean something else. As a long time friend of Guettler, Clint Millar is more qualified than most to make comment:

"At the time, Ryan was unstoppable with his riding. One of my favourite riders of that era no doubt. I would call him out on things knowing that he would just make it happen with ease. This was just before he was about to explode into the USA contest scene & win both Park & Dirt Dew Tour Cups in the first year that they started. A feat never duplicated again. This was all while Colony BMX was just a few thoughts in my head & would start to become a reality, a few months later in that same year."

Having researched for this piece, it has become evident, although I suspect to many it is obvious, that Clint Millar and Guettler were rather close during the early years. In fact, Clint was present to see Ryan grow from Beenleigh young gun to world recognised biker. I asked Clint what this was like:

"I had been around BMX with Ryan since he was 7 years old. We did shows together with Tim Wood, Michael Canfield & myself under our show team called, "Wheels Entertainment". We did shows mainly at schools & shopping centres all over South East QLD. This was in the early 90's. After that Ryan kinda fell out of the scene. We started meeting up again after he got back into riding around when he was 18 or so. It's over those years that he really started to shape his riding into the power house of the 2000's that he was to become. Ryan was one to always remain level headed & not let his fame & successes get the better of him."

Great perspective of a truly classic trick, Guettler nailing it

Nothing seems to have shaped Ryan more than the influence of those around him, as well as that of the historic and fabled Beenleigh BMX park. As Clint mentions:

"Having such a great BMX park like Beenleigh to ride back then was golden. It created so many of Australia's top riders from the late 90's through the 2000's onwards. Ryan was one that benefited from riding there as much as he wanted. Plus having all these great riders in the one place really led to some amazing sessions & everyone feeding off each other."

Nowadays, it would appear that Ryan has slimmed down the biking in favour of wife/kid/family, with less communication back to the Beenleigh BMX community. Reasonable given his residence in North Carolina and change in priorities. 

Straight chilling with the boys, looks like a happy place

For those seeking a slice of good old fashioned Australian BMX content, this should tickle your pickle. From a LUXBMX perspective, this video is further significant in that it is largely filmed around the fringe suburbs of Brisbane and features some of the great and well-known skateparks of the region. Doesn't hurt to hear that true-blue Aussie twang, particularly from Richo. 

Knowing your roots and those that came before you is, in my view at least, an important part of existing in a community. You're able to better understand and appreciate the world in which you exist, form connections and thus continue forward with pride, respect and a certain 'taste' for doing what you do as best as possible.

Taking a look at this video is an awesome place to start and while you're there, subscribe to the Prody BMX YouTube for more historical Australian videos. 

Hook in my brothers!