Samuel Grace for Colony BMX

You may recall (but probably don't) a mention to the 2023 ACT Jam and our own Troy Charlesworth fielding a killer video ('Break Da Law') which made the top 10 and was thus premiered in front of the crowd down in Canberra. Another video which was shown, and in fact, won the choccies, was a Samuel Grace video for his key sponsor, Colony BMX. 

I thought it deserved the attention of a Journal highlight, for many reasons. Beyond the fact that it's an Australian rider paired with an Australian filmer/editor and featuring riding on the lands of our great nation, there was something else going on with this one. I'm still trying to put my finger on what it is, but first thought is that it's the eclectic mix offered by this project. Let's review:

  • The kid goes fast, goes big and often rides to hair metal
  • The trick selection is a modern combination of Nitro Circus, Alex Hiam and Kevin Peraza, featuring flip drop ins, 540 bars over box jumps and then huge sub-box combos (sus that Coomera mini stall at 2.50, so insane)
  • You've got a full-face helmet in there, camouflage pants, varying colours, even a Prody shirt spotted at the start of this video - again a diverse selection of influences.

I'm sure there are more, but this is all I have for now. Also, I have to mention the flip-bar to fakie at 0.45, I don't recall seeing one of them before, so shouts.

I think it's cool that the dude doesn't fit a genre, doesn't seem to care all that much about how he's perceived or hitting the latest trend, rather focussing on doing heavy shit. I haven't met the kid, nor know literally anything about him other than what I see in his videos, but I also get a sense of his passion for BMX. Love that he's smiling a bunch in his videos, great to see. 

Anyway, take a watch and keep an ear out for Samuel Grace, there will no doubt be greater things to come. 

Rock on my brothers.