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'War Party - Break Da Law' by Troy Charlesworth

The recent ACT Jam (held over the weekend just gone - content from LUXBMX to come) comprised a video competition element for this year (its 10th in a reincarnated format), the top 10 then being premiered at the jam for the joy of the crowd. With cash money on the line, it was no doubt going to attract a range of submissions - none moreso than LUXBMXs Troy Charlesworth. 

While the kid films full-time for LUXBMX, he also manages a separate (personal) brand through which he produces visual content - called 'War Party'. You can check it out on Youtube. Anyway, having worked on a variety of projects recently, there were a series of clips which were retained for this project, 'Break Da Law'. 

Featuring Boyd Hilder, Declan Kilpatrick, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Spencer Macfarlane, Josh Newman and Jake Norris, this project is classic Troy, it's fast, heavy on the urban backdrop, packed with plenty of night-time footage and soundtracked with some legit gangsta rap. 

The structure around the 2 x songs was done well, while only being 4 minutes, it feels like it went for longer (in a good way) and creates a break in the project for time to breathe and a welcomed change in energy. This is another welcomed addition to the catalogue of Brisbane BMX.

As mentioned, the pace is hot, so you may have to watch it a few times to take it all in. After a couple watched, the clip that stood out, making me feel real nice, was the Raph line at 0.43. A splendid entrance courtesy of the fish unveiling yung Raph hold a luc-e and lead out with a manual to bump 180. While I felt good about the world in this moment, I then experienced a sense of dread as the banger played before my eyes. Even on the second watch, I felt uneasy about it, despite knowing the outcome. You will know what I mean when you see it - well done Spencer, but man, stay safe out there, pls. 

Well done boys, shit bangs.