What's Good? Kyle Ralston X 'Closing Time'

Welcome to round nine of the latest LUXBMX journal segment, 'What's Good?'. To reiterate, we reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest biking madness. It's called 'What's Good?' and for this instalment, we turn to the gallant and eruditely BMX biker from West Oz - Kyle Ralston. 
Ralston and what looks like a Corless hound - shot jacked from the kids socials. 
As a scholar of the West Oz BMX scene, one would have a special place in the metaphorical bookshelf, for the honourable task of accommodating one of the all time great Australian BMX videos, 'Closing Time'. Released in 2014 and produced by Graham 'Gray' Scott, this is the sequel to the equally historic video 'How Hard Is It'. It features the cream of the crop of West Oz talent, from the bigger names like Callan Stibbards and Calvin Kosovich to the lesser known heads such as Mike Cernotta, Boots and Daniel Jamieson - each contributing a heavy presence towards this insane full-length video. 
Cimo (to my best knowledge) going mach 1 to avoid a trash landing - screenshot taken from the outro section. 
As far as selections go, this one is tasteful as hell. It's also symbolic of the strength of the West Oz scene in that it demonstrates a unique connection between generations as the influence of the elder statesman seeps into the consciousness of the emerging BMX proletariat. It's also a choice which I'm excited to share on the LUXBMX Journal in hopefully bringing attention to this project to an emerging east coast crew. Perhaps it serves as the inspiration to travel to Perth and search out some of the beastly rails kicking around the vast suburban milieu of the resource rich state. 
Boots with a rail/ledge feeble from his proper crunchy intro section - screenshot from the video. 
Anyway, let's hand it over to Kyle to see what he has to say about his choice for 'What's Good?'. 
Happy? Watch 'Closing Time'. Stressed? Watch 'Closing Time'. Lonely? Watch 'Closing Time'. Instagram post didn’t get the likes you feel you've earnt sweating it out at the plaza? Watch 'Closing Time'. Girlfriend just left you for a skater that can’t actually skate? Watch 'Closing Time'. Closing Time can, and will, answer your problems whilst ensuring a successful and fulfilling life.

I’ll take whatever chance I can get to talk about 'Closing Time', so the classic West Oz video by Gray was an obvious choice.

I’m not exactly sure how I came across this video as a young boy but whether it was via Local BMX in Fremantle or someone older handing me a copy at one of my local-ish parks in the northern 'burbs of Perth, my small world was changed forever.

Gray’s perfect blend of legendary West Oz riders (and some guys from the other side) riding everything from rails to trails and dams to pools, has managed to encapsulate everything I love about BMX. All captured on that special 4:3 VX magic and chopped to a brilliant soundtrack with no b-roll and filler clips, 'Closing Time' was a godsend to my easily impressionable teenage brain.

Don’t get it twisted though, while I do appreciate the high production quality of many other videos, the simple/no-bullshit style of 'Closing Time' hits just right and is something any reasonable person can understand.

Whilst the entirety of the video from start to finish is mad I do find myself returning to the parts of Boots, Stuart 'Doc' Dolley and Dylan Matthews for reasons that are obvious in their riding styles and spot selection.

If you haven’t seen or heard of this video and have found yourself in a state of high-performance street plaza BMX anxiety, sit back, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the ultimate viewing pleasure that is 'Closing Time'.
Thanks Ralston - appreciate you.