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What's Good? Cody Pollard x Marvin Loetterle in 'Criminal Mischief'

Welcome to round twelve of the latest LUXBMX journal segment, 'What's Good?'. To reiterate, we reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest biking madness. It's called 'What's Good?' and for this instalment, I've worked with LUXBMX pro, bloke of integrity, smiling assassin and tranny obsessed biker, Cody Pollard. 

Big Daddy P, stunna

I suppose I attempt to avoid the easy route with this section, in terms of hitting up my close mates, it's a little obvious and sometimes doesn't bring about the best content. Perhaps this is an exception then, as I would consider Cody a close mate, but in speaking with him already on another matter, I thought I'd throw a suggestion in and see how it was received. Cody was psyched and allocated some time while on a recent trip to Mt Isa, to detail one of his most influential BMX videos. 

In reading the below, I hope you too can feel the excitement emanating out of the dudes words, which is straight up dope and why I love this section. And particularly this one, as I myself had a similar experience of going to a local bike shop (Helensvale Cycle Scene) when I was about 12 and taking this home. The red VHS tape was instantly attractive, as was the debauched cover, but man, when I first laid eyes on this thing, my life changed. Honestly. It's like the tape reel was etched into my DNA, it has a special place in my make up and is something I could continue to watch over and over and over again, without tire. 

Big Marv on the cover of Ride from June 2003. I had this magazine, wonder if I could still find it

"Dude...when I think of a video part that influenced me a lot, I would have to say Marvin Loetterle in Little Devil's 'Criminal Mischief'. I bought that DVD from a bike shop in Emerald back in the day, called Pushy Bikes. Fully had no idea what I just purchased and probably down the track, how it would influence me. 

I don't think many people would probably think that section would influence me, but I just loved the chaoticness of it all if that's a word. 

His style is so sick man. It's on the point of in control but maybe pushing himself that little too far which would excite the fuck out of me. I feel like I still relate to that kind of riding heavily, just holding on and having a go. 

Chaos mongers, the most epic crew of all time, the 'Criminal Mischief' bikers. I get shivers just looking at this (Marvin - arms crossed at front)

To this day, the section still gets me just as stoked and it brings back a lot of memories of Christensen Street days in Yeronga, riding all weekend, enjoying a few too many beverages with Damo and Wilto and just destroying everything in our sight haha!  Backed by Black Flags 'Nervous Breakdown', it just wants to make you lose all control haha. Man, the dam/spillway manual send at the end, crashing at the bottom, it's just beautiful in my eyes. That's the stuff I love to see.

I love that section so bloody much and I recommend if anyone hasn't heard of him to check his riding out, there are a few bits and pieces on YouTube you can watch and I feel like these old videos have this rawness that you can't get away with today. 

Anyway, that's probably my all time favourite section man, it's burnt into my brain along with every Crusty Demon video haha."

You don't see this trick very often, almost forgot what it's called, in-down I think. Like a strangled turndown or a vertical table. Whatever, it's cool

Thanks to Cody for partnering with me on this one, I hope this has stirred something in our younger audience. 

Marvin's section starts at 11.28 and goes until 13.51. 

Get at it.