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What's Good? Guy Perrett x 22 CRU 'Never Left'

Welcome to round five of the latest LUXBMX journal segment, 'What's Good?'. 

To reiterate, we reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest biking madness. It's called 'What's Good?' and for the this installment, we turn to hype man extraordinaire, Guy 'Four Pegz' Perrett. 

Having close to exhausted the LUXBMX crew for video recommendations, the gaze now finds itself upon a loyal LUXBMX customer, savage emcee and four peg advocate, Guy Perrett. Having an inkling that Guy would be more than down to take part in this series, you might say I wasn't surprised to hear of his excitement. Quickly linking a video as well as emailing through detailed thoughts on why this particular video was top of mind, Guy is a G and we're all the more prosperous for his contribution. 

Guy and the eye of determination. Photo is a screenshot from his TDCU part, via the LUXBMX Youtube

This round is also a great example of why this segment warrants the effort, in that it opens up potential new perspectives and new influences. Case in point, the subject video selected by Guy being a European crew called '22 CRU' whom I'd not previously heard of, nor sussed this particular video. I would typically write at least a summary after having watched the video, however with Guy's detailed comments, I'm going to sign out and leave it with Four Pegz. 

I hope you enjoy! 

"I know this video was released a few weeks ago but damn its entertainment value has not decreased. 

These 22 CRU videos have been an absolute favourite for me and this 12 minute masterpiece is a fine example. Barcelona has always been a popular spot on the street riders map, even though I have not been there myself, I have been told countless stories from people who have experienced the many spots in such a small radius that the city has to offer.

The boys livin' their best life. Photo taken from the 22 CRU socials

Of course, just like any other city though, you will have a local scene of riders who will utilise the urban terrain to their advantage. Stacking footage, exploring new areas, meeting new riders and having many good and bad interactions with members of the public. All of this is just the norm for a street rider, but the Barcelona scene has been cooking up something different in a kitchen of their own.

Lately, a new style of BMX riding has been evolving. Crank arm grinds, back pedal grinds, crank flips and innovative peg chinks are the obvious to name, but the way the 22 CRU have been putting this style to work has been incredible. 

I am sure many riders agree that watching any solid video parts from these people are highly anticipated, simply because you are going to see something new and I am not talking about the latest barspin or grind 360 combo. You are most likely going to see what I call the definition of what street riding is, creativity. While watching this content, I see things that I have never thought of doing on my own bike, yet alone on spots that I would have just rode past and not even blinked an eye at. Watching this riding really makes me analyse spots in a different manner, and I think that is something that all of us riders can be inspired to do.

Playback, everyone loves a playback moment. The might of the TRV900 in this instance. Photo taken from the 22 CRU socials

Other than the riding, the whole atmosphere of the video is very dreamy and hypnotic. The music is well suited to the riding and really makes me wonder what it would be like to even spend a few hours with these dudes. The spots they ride just look so fun and the way they celebrate after one of their mates throws down something spectacular, it really does look like something special to be a part of. To me, the footage where all the boys crowd around and high 5 their mate after landing a trick, I thrive on that energy. Instances like that is a moment that I cherish in BMX, whether it was me landing a trick or my mate landing a trick, it is a celebration like no other, and only people in the freestyle community can relate. 

Cheeky mid-ice, a fine example of the creativity that Guy espouses of these dudes. Photo taken from the 22 CRU socials

I know that it doesn’t matter too much but it is the icing on the cake for me, the scenic mountain footage these dudes shot. The cloudy landscape just looks incredible. Being with your crew up somewhere high with a good view is always a treat. It is just a little something to show what these guys have in their country other than the amazing urban designs. 

Honestly, if you have not given up 12 minutes of your day to watch this Barcelona classic, then perhaps this review is all the convincing you need to do so. I am highly confident you will enjoy it, and next time you are out riding your bike, most likely you are going to look at a gutter or a flat ledge in a different perspective."

Cheers Guy. Rock and roll!