Boyd Hilder & Garrett Reynolds VIPs

LUXBMX biker Boyd Hilder has been on Odyssey for a minute, toiling away since 2014 to find himself on the coveted pro team. Amidst the likes of Gary Young, Aaron Ross & Tom Dugan, the Odyssey pro team is of course stacked and with the benefit of a supreme videographer, any new content from the brand is well received. 

So, having noticed the latest concept from Full Factory (the parent distribution company for Odyssey, Sunday, G-Sport, BSD & Fairdale, called 'Guest List', it is our pleasure to bring you the Boyd Hilder version, i.e. Episode 3, featuring Boyd's non-affiliated, hand-picked guest - Garrett Reynolds. 

The boys take to the ramps at the Full Factory Distribution yard, hook up with producers Scott Marceau and Zach Krejmas and get to work. 

Both Boyd and Garrett ride a fairly similar style of biking, each pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a bike. It's no surprise then that the video is tech heavy with a dominant focus on the wedge box and up-rail. The dudes put on an absolute clinic, with Boyd also bringing about his ability to string a ridiculous line together. While this is probably no more different to a standard afternoon session for these boys, for the general punter, this is premium type biking. Standouts include Garrett's 360 table across the driveway box and Boyd's line (starting at 1.06) which culminates in a beautifully jacked t-bog, dipped like Cam'ron. 

Gary with the knee wrap, got it. Screenshot taken from the video

Boyd and the Garrett Reynolds approved t-bog. Screenshot taken from the video

Great stuff fellas, keep it up.