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What's Good? Josh Turley x Preston Okert '1030D' Part

Welcome to round six of the latest LUXBMX journal segment, 'What's Good?'. 

To reiterate, we reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest biking madness. It's called 'What's Good?' and for the this installment, we seek spiritual wisdom from BMX legend Josh Turley

Turley with a gorgeous table from the Pizzey bowl. Photo taken from Fat BMX

As you may recall from the last episode featuring Guy '4 Pegz' Perrett, the LUXBMX crew are nearing exhaustion in terms of BMX video recommendations. Moving further afield, I wanted to turn the spotlight to someone who has a dynamic, unfiltered opinion, however maybe not the platform to voice such comment. So, after a bit of hair pulling, a little poke and some friendly harrassing, I've managed to attract the ire of Joshua Turley. That's right, Josh Turley of Fairfield fame, Josh Turley of Nimbin folklore, Josh Turley of most competent plumber in Brisbane fame, Josh Turley of actual legend status.  

Turley (right) with LUXBMX employee Pahau at the 2015 'Dulwich' premiere. Photo by James Hornsby

Jocular mood aside, at LUXBMX we think its important for the BMX community to feel engaged, and one way to do that is to hear from the people who make up the BMX community. You shouldn't have to be the biggest name pro to get a listen, in fact, most of the vast range of fascinating characters in BMX aren't the household names, their the toilers, the diggers, those that show up to all the jams, the ones riding by themselves after a full day of work. Josh Turley is that guy. So, it is then a unique situation in that we have quite a descriptive commentary of an awesome recommendation - being the US Cult biker Preston Okert and his 10 minute long part in the '1030D' video. 

Take it away Turley. 

This is what it's all about, the homies about to click play. Photo taken from Fat BMX

"Personally I find there’s not a whole lot of BMX videos surfacing in recent times that I find enjoyable enough to watch more than once. It seems like for a lot of riders out there, it's more a fashion show and flat ledge fest than anything. However, every now and then there will be a diamond in the rough.

So a few months back I came across Preston Okert’s 1030d section on the tube and loved it from start to finish. This dude has all the right ingredients to be a mad rider, crazy manual abilities, makes backwards manuals look as effortless as the great Oscar Coombs, stylish bowl riding, clicks the fuck out of them turndowns and has some creative street moves to put a bit of icing on the cake.

The dude, Preston Okert. Photo taken from Odyssey BMX

I could single out just about every clip of this part but here’s a few that I personally loved. Pretty much straight out the gate at 0.37, pretty shit looking rectangle pool, this bloke eats it for breakfast touching every nook and cranny, love that shit. At 1.30, not sure if I’ve ever seen this before, vader slide 180 into a backwards manual with a real mans hub (cassette).  At 2.25, he does a 270 tap over a quarter to quarter hip, drops into a manual to 270 turndown over the next hip, could not imagine how hard that would’ve been to wrangle that around. Coming in at 4.16 some big nuts action with a big ol' rail hop for 6 'n' out. This brings us to the last clip that I’ll ramble about at 9.33, we have a ledge on a roof that Preston goes feeble to manual on to hop up on the roof to drop off to close the show.

To me this video felt like I was sitting back watching a classic Props BMX section with the choice of music, simple editing and nice mix of riding that keeps you engaged the entire way through. Definitely worth a watch if you’re into a bit of everything and not a single discipline player. That’s my 2 cents."

Great stuff. 

Hyped to have Josh's thoughts up on The Journal, and what a great choice. For a homies video, this is a top notch project, you almost feel guilty having this much fresh footage of the kid. As Turley points out, there are so many clips in this part, it would have been hard to skip over a bunch. Settle in with this one, it's a classic.