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What's Good? Kane Lovell x Jaume Sintes

New segment.

We reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest biking madness. It's called what's good and for the first installment, we land on LUXBMX warehouse boss Kane Lovell and his pick, 'Bloom' featuring Spain's Jaume Sintes.  


Kane is newish to the BMX game, a young blood with fresh eyes, perched up beyond that 6 foot level so you know he is going to have a unique perspective. 

Fresh out the gate we highlight that this pick is legit fresh, hitting the interwebs less than a week ago. The piece is a solidification of the dudes spot on the Primo BMX team, bumping to pro. The video is filmed by Stephan August and Miki Fleck and pieced together for your enjoyment, also by Stephan August. 

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From Kane's perspective, the music hit home and I tend to agree. As he notes, there is something about house music being paired with BMX in the streets, it's proper sick. Kane also highlighted a couple lines as being standouts:

- The nose bonk bar to 180 wallride at 0.45, something to aspire to master one day

- The wallride 180 bar at 1.17, again, an aspirational link that gets the blood running

- Favourite clip was detailed as the line starting at 2.05, being the nose bar buffered with speedy swerve swag into a backwards grind to manual 180 chink out. It's captivating stuff. 

Primo certainly have their own clique going on these days, a company with a long and respected history in BMX, now navigating a new era with a totally revamped team and brand output. You love to see the use of classic logos (see above) on their website and social media, but damn it sucks to see little to no love for the crew. It's mad to jump on the website and read about the team and get a feel for who they've chosen to best represent their interests. A key part of their progression into the 2020s is the intersection at which brand and aesthetics meets audience, i.e. content. For visual production, this is helmed by Stephan August, having produced the majority of their recent video projects. The dude does a great job at capturing the personality of Jaume and what his riding scene is like. It would appear to be deep gauging by the number of dudes sharing the love in 'Bloom', perhaps a nod to the scene in Barcelona which is highlighted as being a key difference between that of California (the heart of the BMX industry) in a 2021 DIGBMX interview. 

To the video itself, I had watched this prior to getting in touch with Kane and to be honest, it was a pleasure to re-watch with an analytical mind. Jaume's vibe can be neatly filed under 'swag' and 'technical street riding', a young buck (24) with the backing of CULT, Primo and PS Homies. Like the Bandcamp home page, freestyle BMX is now home to many a sub-genre and this video epitomises what one might expect to see in terms of nu-age, progressive, aesthetically minded street riding. You got the thickest jeans imagineable, chunky ass sneakers, small-ish bars spinning every which way, cranks whizzing like a remote windmill, a bit of bleach up in here and for substance, a bag of lines to last an entire bucks party. Beyond those already pointed to by Kane, I myself was hyped on the crank to ice at 2.51, the chink manual to wall to fakie half-cab bar at 1.05 and the highly effective change in music which Stephan August is adept at. 

For ultimate swag points, sus the sneaky little pre-clip spit at 2.55. Boi is juice. 

Tune in for another installment of what's good, coming soon.