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Boyd Hilder - 2023 BMX Bike Check

LUXBMX pro and recent X-Games gold medallist, Boyd Hilder, met up with Troy 'Big Salad' Charlesworth to deliver a visual run through of his latest BMX bike build. 

Sporting the latest LUXBMX apparel (i.e. the 'Flag' hoodie in butter), the project culminates in the below video, where Boyd finds himself on a pristine beach, his second home, to highlight his 21.2" Federal 'Boyd' frame and a delightful range of Federal and Odyssey components. 

The boys have produced a super high quality video, the colours on the beach are seriously crisp, the audio pops, plenty of smooth zoom shots and your comfort track - some kind of generic study beat. 

As Boyd highlights, his latest setup is packed full of the latest and greatest components including a tan corduroy Broc seat from Odyssey, long boy 4.75" Odyssey graduate pegs and 9.5" rise Federal assault bars. Most freestyle bikes these days are setup pretty similarly, Boyd's is no different although aesthetically, the Federal tan wall tyres and tan seat give his bike some uniqueness. 

Some quotes from Boyd:

On the geometry of his setup - '"Just a happy medium, keep it good for everything, like riding street, riding trails, riding park, can't go wrong'".

On the geometry of his signature Odyssey stem "Don't know the measurements, it's just good".

On the details of his pedals, "Federal command pedals? I don't know. Combat? Command? Google will tell ya".

Wrapping up, consider yourself lucky that there is endless BMX content out there. It is unbelievably simple to be able to watch a 2 minute video to find out the exact setup your favourite pro is riding. When I was a young fella, you'd have to wait for the latest magazine (often monthly release) to read about the latest products and who was riding what. - with limited choice It's then pretty cool to be able to get a feel for who Boyd is and why he sets his bike up the way he describes. 

Take a look at the LUXBMX online store to find and build your own ultimate BMX bike setup.