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'What's Good?' Lachlan Kirkwood X Alex Coleborn 'Shootin' It'

Welcome to round 23 of the latest LUXBMX journal segment, 'What's Good?'. To reiterate, we reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest (or oldest) biking madness. It's called 'What's Good?' and for this instalment, I've sought out Mackay bred and now Brisbane based biker, Lachlan Kirkwood in exploring the depths of his subconscious around an influential BMX video. 

On the back of the recent Paterico Fallico 'What's Good?', I asked the dude for some recommendations around who might be an interesting person to invite as part of this series. A few names were thrown up, including another Brisbane based biker, Lachlan Kirkwood (LK)

I've not much to do with LK in the past, however have certainly been witness to the dudes riding at various jams and events over the years, which tends to centre around technical skatepark trickery. The kid has a penchant for pushing quarter pipe combinations as well as wizardry the subject of spines, sub-boxes and the like. Think whips, bars, tuck no handers and a substantial serving of foot-jam variations. There is also a knack for adding in a wildcard move, which I always liked to see. 

Anyway, there is a clear link between the dudes video selection and how he rides his bike. Again, this might seem obvious in hindsight, but through this series, we're offered a deeper understanding of how the BMX ecosystem works, identifying links from old to new and the function of a visual medium (i.e. Alex Coleborn video) working to influence a tangible outcome (i.e. the riding style of LK). 

Screenshot of Alex Coleborn bumping fists with his filmer Matty Lambert while filming for the 'Shootin' It' project.

Without over-analysing this thing, I'll let Lachlan take it from here. Enjoy this one, the dude has put some time into writing his piece.


It was 2010. I was 15 years old and completely obsessed with all things riding. At this point, I’d been going to the skatepark for two years. It was relatively early in my journey, so I didn’t know exactly what style of rider I’d become.

Would I be interested in dirt? What about bowl riding, street, or even park?

After watching one video, my fate was sealed. All I wanted to ride was tech. That video, was 'Shootin' It' by Alex Coleborn.

'Shootin’ It' is an absolute masterclass for any tech rider. At the time, it was light years ahead of any standard. Even re-watching this video today, most tricks from the video haven’t been replicated by anyone else.

This is the kind of video you can’t just watch once. In one sitting, you’ll watch it 3-5 times and still be blown away by each combination.

To me, I’d consider this the perfect BMX video. Obviously, the riding was on another level, but there were so many other factors that made this a masterpiece. Not only was the filming crisp and clean, but the music and editing released more dopamine in your brain than a 3-hour session scrolling TikTok.

I think the length of this edit was also a key component. Being only 2 minutes, it always leaves you begging for more.

"I owe a large part of who I’ve become as a rider to Coleborn. ..I used to spend hours scrolling through his old Instagram videos for inspiration. I’d write down combos he’d done in the past, then try to replicate them or add my own unique twist."

The day after the edit was released, I remember going to the skatepark to ride with my friends. For what felt like hours, we all reviewed the edit and shared our favourite part. Each person had one trick that stood out to them. For me, it was the double whip air to manual. This was revolutionary at the time (and still is today).

Watching this video in 2024, I have a completely different appreciation for all the nuances in Coleborn’s riding. As a tech rider myself, I can’t wrap my head around the icepick stall to 270 topside bar, or even the barspin to Canadian footjam 540.

'Shootin’ It' inspired a whole generation of tech riders. When you look at the comments on the video, it’s clear that I wasn’t the only rider influenced by this edit.

I owe a large part of who I’ve become as a rider to Coleborn. When I bought my first Total Hangover frame (his signature bike), I fell madly in love with tech. I used to spend hours scrolling through his old Instagram videos for inspiration. I’d write down combos he’d done in the past, then try to replicate them or add my own unique twist.

Not the wildest clip from the video, but I just love the setup and shapes in this screenshot. It was legitimately difficult to find a screenshot from this video as the dude does so many wild combos, not super screenshot friendly. 

As I rewatch 'Shootin’ It' today, I can’t help but wonder what the modern equivalent is for the upcoming generation of tech riders. I wonder if there’s a 15-year-old kid sitting at home on a Friday night watching a video on repeat. What would pump them up for a big weekend of riding?

The only video that comes to mind is Pat Fallico’s 2023 Colony video. When I watched the premiere of this edit at ACT Jam in 2023, it instilled the same feeling I had when I first saw 'Shootin’ It'.

This is one of the only modern tech videos that’s perfect on all fronts; the riding, the filming, the editing, and everything else in between. Coops and Pat have created their own generational masterpiece.

I ride with Pat pretty frequently here in Brisbane, but I’ve never been able to look at him the same since watching this.


Big shouts to LK for taking part in this project, always brings a warm feeling when someone is keen to share in this thing we do. 

Love this video being brought up, I had honestly forgotten about it, but as LK points out, there are an insane amount of tricks/combos in here that still aren't replicated. I have to also point out how awesome the (quarter pipe) double whip to manual to 180 is at 0.26, caught tonnes of transition too. 

Done and dusted. Hopefully there was some entertainment out of this post for y'all.