CULT Crew (AUS) in Brisbane

What do we got here eh? This is a tasty little morsel, a nugget of enjoyment for you and I. Funny how food phrasing is allowed in more circumstances than it probably should be. 

What we got here is the CULT Australia representatives taking it to the streets of Brisbane over the period of a week. You've got your big dogs, Zac Miner and Callan Stibbards, in town to take the pups out for a walk. With this pet metaphor, the pups are otherwise known as baby doggies, Will Fraser, Declan Kilpatrick and Kyle Fletcher - who is in reality, neither a big dog nor a pup. 

I'll offer up a basic description of this project, but for the main meal, I've sought detail from the runt of the pack, the fluffiest, most adorable, dependent and innocent little pooch, Will Fraser

The project is structured such that it's broken into 3 x parts, the first comprising Will, the second being a mix of Zac, Callan and Kyle and the finale being discharged by yung Declan. You've got your CULT branded editing being that classic vaguely sinister, cartoon-esque filler, a diverse soundtrack of gangster rap and grunged out indie rock. The riding is generally fast, street-based and for the most-part, shot in what appears to be the metro and fringe-metro areas of Brisbane. 

Behind the lens, the man in charge of production, is LUXBMXs own, Troy 'Big Salad' Charlesworth. Really cool to see Sals getting to keep doing his thing as a videographer, you know he has the motivation to continue to improve and make bike riding look as good as possible. 

Love a tooth hang that is jammed right in there, bit of a glide to this one too from Kyle. 
Big balls, always has, always will. Callan Stibbards with an ice out in the 'swich. 

As above-mentioned, given that I wasn't on the trip and haven't spoken to any of these fools in person, I wanted to breathe a written component into this description which was closer to the action, more gritty, true to its name. So, I asked Will to offer up some background to the trip and in particular, his clips in the video. 

"Filming for this video was unreal.

I’d briefly met Callan and Zac so it was sick to get to know them better. Coming into this project I had a couple of tricks in mind and a few clips I wanted to get. One of which was a truck down a set, particularly after having found the perfect set. I remember riding all day with Big Money and being drenched as fuck in sweat as it was a scorcher. I had plans with Biggie and was about to cancel but he mentioned meeting at Cathedral Square just out of the city. I knew it was the day to actually just try it. We got there and I got the one bar easy as and then got smoked on the 3. Tried the 3 a couple of times and no luck so I just said fuck it and first try, stuck it. Was fucking ecstatic and honestly it’s probably my favourite clip I got."

Will with his first truck down a stair set, well done kid. 

"A few other memorable tricks were the manny switch feeble easy bar and the pegs manny 1 on the red rail. The manny feeble easy bar came around one day riding the spot, was just filming it for insta and didn’t get it. Went back there with Salad for my LUX part, landed it that day and got it 9 times but unfortunately he lost the clip. Then when Mitch Fieg was here filming for 'Brisbang' I did it 7 times for him but he never used the clip. So it became a joke with Troy and I that it will never come out. We went there one last time and did it again, totalling 21 times landed, actually a mission to get that clip out to the world. 

And with the pegs manny one on the 15 (I think it’s a 15) it was Boyd, Callan and I seshing the rail, and some dude was sussing us in the building as we were riding it. I was rolling around this pole when this old geezer jumped at me and tried to tackle me, he started yelling that I hit him and my main man Salad got geeee’d up and started yelling at him. Was so funny and motivated me to land it. Luv ya Salad.

Thanks for listenin' to me talk, shout-out Cult Crew & LUXBMX <3. Also shoutout WEENCREW."

Will - lurking.