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What's Good? Ryan Rostirolla X Miki Fleck 'Caipirinha'

Welcome to round 16 of the latest LUXBMX journal segment, 'What's Good?'. To reiterate, we reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest biking madness. It's called 'What's Good?' and for this instalment, we turn to a certified Sunshine Coast bulldog, a newcomer to the scene and jovial biker, Ryan Rostirolla. 

Ryan at the local, Alex Heads on the Sunshine Coast, whip to smith in the deep end. Photo by LUXBMX

At 26, Ryan is not exactly a generation apart, but did come through BMX at a time which may not have been formed by the same pillars as many of my friends and I, i.e. Etnies 'Forward', Little Devil 'Criminal Mischief', Square one 'Wide Awake Nightmare' and the Props catalogue. In this case, I'm always interested to hear what gets the young bucks ripping and tearing. 

So, after browsing my socials to find the next candidate for 'What's Good?', and swiftly landing on Ryan, the answer to this question became known. Brazilian born, Barcelona based hesher, Miki Fleck was the chosen biker and frankly, that is hard to argue with. I myself have been salivating over any new Miki footage, the kid does not have a cautious bone in his body and (as Ryan points out) is often coming through with a surprise or two, something that isn't all that common. You also get a decent helping of metal peg noise, colourful and exotic spots and the chance to watch someone exude raw, natural talent while at the same time, appearing to barely hold on, at times. 

Dream gap from the pompous streets of Buderim, kid knows his way around a speed demanding spot. Photo by LUXBMX

For these reasons, and those detailed by Ryan, you'd do well to take note of Mr Fleck.

From the mind of Ryan:

"Miki Fleck has been very involved in the Barcelona scene for quite a few years now putting multiple video parts out each year. When I watched his most recent part 'Caipirinha', it had me hooked straight away. From the first clip, everything is fast paced, full noise, stylish, creative and makes you want to go out and ride with your mates. 

It almost feels like a breath of fresh air when a video part comes out and there's speed and style, alongside the creativity to come up with something at a spot and then having the skill to pull it smooth and at full pace, makes for an exciting video.

I think one of the biggest highlights for me was the ice on the rafter on those sketchy indoor ramps. That was just something else.

The below-mentioned duster, a seriously difficult trick handled only by those touched by the spiritual gods of the BMX heavens. Screenshot taken from the video

Other highlights include:

  • The opening clip on the sketchy, long red rail to hard 180. This starts the video the right way, at full speed. This was a bit of a surprise and got me really keen on the video straight away
  • Pegs to manual to duster (1.30). Love seeing a duster on anything and this line really just shows you that you never know what Miki is gonna do
  • Gap to smith on the blue ledges (3.19). I love clips that show the full tilt pedalling, then that gap to smith had the speed and sound to it that makes this a clip you could watch over and over
  • The ice stall to rafter was insane (starts at 3.50). This was probably my favourite clip because he was just going full send into the rafters and taking a bunch of sketchy slams to pull it, always makes the land even sweeter
  • The final clip, the sketchy roof to ramp (5.10).

All in all, this is one I'll definitely be revisiting before a ride or on a rainy day just to get the stoke up. Can't wait to see what Miki's got in store for 2024."

Chur uso's.