Will Green - 2023 BMX Video

You may have noticed recent posts on the LUXBMX journal that have highlighted the renovated customer space at our Woolloongabba warehouse. The driving force for this change included a desire to provide an improved customer space as well as to offer more events.

On Wednesday 14th June, the renovated customer space was packed full of bikers eager to take part in a good old fashioned BMX video premiere. The evening was dedicated to hosting the world premiere of Will Green’s first ever BMX video, released with the support of Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa. Will has been coming to LUXBMX before he even rode a BMX, a true biker at heart. We have watched him grow from his first 16-inch bike to an 18-inch bike, now he's big enough to ride a 20-inch bike. 

As a mid-week evening, it was incredible to see so many people down to support the cause and celebrating the efforts of young Will and Tim Storey - who produced the video. From the perspective of Tim, the evening went a little something like this:

"As 6pm approached the showroom was filling up as more and more people rolled through the door. The atmosphere was set and as the first clip played it was incredible to soak in the reaction of the room. From watching Will learn to ride the streets to blasting the Beenleigh BMX Park the kid really showed that he was determined to make this something he was proud of and I think we can all agree he killed it."

Troy 'Big Salad' Charlesworth was lurking around taking photos, to which we are lucky enough to view as part of this post. 

Enough chat, let's get into the video. I didn't want to mention it, as I think it's superfluous, but as a 12 year old, Will shreds and has set himself up to storm into his teenage years. I vaguely remember riding freestyle BMX as a pre-teen, I think it was around this time that I pulled my first barspin. It was a fly out from the old Pizzey bowl and made possible due to a fat ass Haro Mirra seat with as much pole as physically possible. Contrast to Will Green, with his first clip being a barspin air out of the 10 foot deep Redbank Plains bowl. Pretty impressive. Equally impressive was the Beenleigh clips, a great way to bring in some skatepark variety and awesome to see a suicide and nothing, a couple classic tricks that can be super striking if done well. 

The amount of pedalling in this video also got me pumped. For a sub-2 minute piece, Will certainly makes it known that he likes to go fast. His riding style is assisted through the use of a mid-tempo punk rock track, 'Gacked on Anger' by Australia's Amyl & The Sniffers. You get the feel that Will has gone to extra effort to make this project as good as possible, with there being a killer mix of different terrains and locations with a couple clips likely pretty terrifying for the kid. What great life experience to have at such a young age, let alone the BMX biker capabilities. 

Let's get into the video. Sit back and hold on as Will barrels his way through all in front of him.

Quick fun fact, the night the premiere was held is actually 6 years and a day since Will got his first United 16-inch BMX bike through LUXBMX, and we couldn’t be more proud.


Keep your eyes peeled for more nights like this at LUXBMX in the coming months as Troy 'Big Salad' Charlesworth works to finalise full sections from team riders Raph Jeroma-Williams, Jake Norris, Will Fraser and Mitchell ‘Meezy’ Campbell, plus a bunch more from the rest of the team.