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The Round-Up, here's whats to come!

Welcome to the roundup, where you can find all your BMX-related news in one place, curated by BMXers for BMXers.  

At LUXBMX, we’re super passionate about all things BMX, be it reviewing the latest products, building the finest bikes or capturing the fastest riders. Our focus is on offering a premium service with a keen eye for attention to detail and high-quality customer service to all of the BMX community, with a particular emphasis on the local scene. 

Working to this end, through the rise of social media and the unfortunate demise of magazines and blogs (i.e. 2020 BMX Magazine, RideBMX, Diversity BMX, Thecomeup & Crispy Stream), there is a distinct lack of a central news source, as related to all things BMX. We think this is an important platform to build given the potential for bringing people together and in turn, establishing community and helping our local BMX scene to thrive. 

While it may seem like a small offering, the aim is to throw a net over the Australian BMX scene, and trawl for the tastiest bits. The round up will be your one stop destination for everything freestyle and race BMX including upcoming events, sponsorship changes, bike checks, the latest products and reviews, the sickest photos & videos from the BMX community as well as miscellaneous tidbits. 

No matter if you’re an old soul or new to BMX, the round-up is intended to be both informative and entertaining. We hope to accomplish the creation of a platform in which you can watch the latest BMX videos, find out about upcoming BMX events (which may otherwise go unnoticed) or read about your favourite pro rider. Having grown up reading BMX magazines literally line for line with pure passion and obsession, there is a certain sentimental craving for this era, one which we aim to recreate through the lens of our squad of current, real BMX riding staff from a mix of various eras.


At the end of the day, the motivation here is simply to build excitement around BMX. If this sounds tempting, subscribe to the LUXBMX mailing list and check out the journal at #inLUXwetrust