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The Round Up - Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9 of the LUXBMX Weekly Round Up, where we present to you the very latest news, videos, sponsorship updates, competition/jam reports and all things awesome in the BMX world. 

This episode is a little different in that it focusses entirely on recent video content. It is hard to ignore when the content boys have been super busy over the last 2 weeks, having produced 4 x different videos which I'm able to now share. When you understand the work involved to create a video of a certain standard, it is impressive to have produced this much when also balancing the broader needs of running Australia's best BMX store. 

Let's start with some BMX racing content. Up and coming elite slayer Jayce Cunning recently brought his new prototype Speedco evo carbon frame in to build up. Watch as Jayce sits down with our head of race, Bruce Morris, to chat about the bike build and what the dude has in-store for the rest of the year. Keep an eye out on the LUXBMX socials to get more updates on these Speedco frames, with there being a huge range of current race frames available now on the LUXBMX online store. 


Secondly, we have LUXBMX crew member Tim Storey and his new video part 'Hey Film This'. Tim is typically behind the lens, having produced a bunch of videos for LUXBMX, various BMX brands as well as through his own crew, CLVLND BMX. This time, he finds himself in front of the lens and does not waste any time in showing the world that despite a series of massive life changes, his love and passion for BMX has not been dampened. If you want proof as to why LUXBMX is Australia's most trusted BMX store, look no further to see that we not only talk the talk, we live it too.


Thirdly, you know you're in for a treat when there is new Raph Jeroma-Williams content. Our content creator and budding celebrity Troy 'Big Salad' Charlesworth stitched together a hot minute featuring clips of Raph which haven't made the cut for his upcoming video part. Very exciting to hear that there will be something to feast upon in the near future. Raph looks freakishly natural on a bike and continues to push his abilities, a seriously sick combination. Get into it. 


Lastly, take a peek as young gun Will Green's new Subrosa steed takes shape thanks to boss mechanic and LUXBMX co-founder Evan Jaques. This is a big moment for Will in that he has finally made it to the big time, stepping up from an 18-inch BMX bike to the big boy 20-inch (the size most adult bikers would be riding). Will has been coming into LUXBMX since he was 5 years old, with the crew having watched him grow and mature into the gnarly little biker he is today. Noting that there is a full bike check video with Will coming next week, look out for that one. 


Hopefully the excitement around seeing what some of the crew have been up to is rubbing off on you. So get out, ride your bike and build your own scene!