Colony BMX

Shop Australia's largest range of Colony BMX. Colony BMX brand is the brainchild of Clint Millar, one of Australia's most accomplished riders. From the very beginning Colony's goal has been to support the Australian BMX scene and to make innovative parts that are clean, simple and affordable. Today Colony BMX has an extensive range of BMX products including BMX bikes, BMX frames, BMX forks, BMX handlebars, BMX wheels, BMX hubs, BMX rims and everything in between.


Top Sellers

Colony Spokes & Nipples (20 pack)


From $14.99

RRP $37.99 -61%
RRP $119.99 -18%
RRP $46.99 -15%

Colony Sweet Tooth Bars


From $109.99

Colony Nipple Packs

From $29.99

RRP $119.99 -75%

Colony Eclipse 26 Bike


From $899.99

RRP $999.99

Colony Tube


From $9.99

Colony Eclipse 24 Bike


From $899.99

RRP $999.99

Colony Premise Bike

From $798.99

RRP $999.99 -20%
RRP $1,399.99 -14%
RRP $2,068.81

Colony 22s Flatland Cranks


From $239.99

RRP $1,517.97

Colony Hardy Bar


From $119.99

Colony Hardy V2 Bars


From $109.99

RRP $1,517.97

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