Nickname: Code
Area of Expertise: Hacking the mainframe 
Hometown: Brisbane 
Favourite Trick: Turndowns 
Riding Influences: Kevin Peraza, Mike Grey, Boyd Hilder, Sean Gardner, Cody Pollard, Chris Goldring
LUXBMXpert Since: 2022

Most Memorable BMX Adventure

Doing my first flyout backie at the old Underwood park back in the mid 2000's I learned them because backies win comps, duhh

Current Whip

Cult Dehart frame, Fit Augie bars, Dior bar pad, Fly Dolman Cranks, Colony wheels with a freecoaster, Odyssey r32 forks, Odi longnecks (flangless), Demolition Hammer head tyres 2.2.