Spectre Titanium Spoke (Each) Gold

Spectre Titanium Spoke (Each) Gold

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Spectre Titanium Spoke (Each) Gold

Spectre Titanium Spoke (Each) Gold / Gold / Cut To Size (80mm to 220mm)

Sale price$6.99 AUD


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Spectre Brand Titanium spokes are made from high-quality Grade 5 6Al4V Titanium. Nitride coating makes these the strongest titanium spokes on the planet.
Titanium spokes are around 40% lighter than traditional stainless steel spokes. That's about 150grams off the rotational weight of your wheels.

Custom cut in store to lengths between 80mm to 220mm with 10mm threads, specify length when ordering. If you are unsure of the lengths please let us know your exact rim and hub model and we can then do the calculation for you. 

Sold individually (each) buy as many as you like!
Nipple sold separately.
Nitride coated for extra strength.
14G (2.0mm).

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