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Wethepeople BMX began making its mark on history almost 15 years ago. Designing the first rough drawings of their frames and forks around the same time as the world started to see BMX in a different light, a time when rails were first grinded and the possibility that riding the streets was in fact the true way forward. To achieve their aims, Wethepeople knows exactly how to deploy their strengths with an efficiency that is unmatched in the BMX industry.

Today Wethepeople produces a wide range of BMX products including an amazing range of complete BMX bikes.


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Wethepeople Pivotal Seat Post


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Wethepeople Activate Tyre (Each)


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Wethepeople SQB T-Shirt


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Wethepeople Mad Max Bars (22.2mm)


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WeThePeople Legacy Cranks


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Wethepeople Nova Bike (2021)


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WeThePeople Patron Bar


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Wethepeople 22in Tube


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WeThePeople Universal Brake Mount Kit

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2019 (P3)

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Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 1 February 2018  

Wethepeople Australia rider Pat Johns set up a fresh new build the other day full of Wethepeople and Eclat radness! Read on for the build list.

Pat Johns Bike Check

Frame: Wethepeople Awake 21.1
Fork: Eclat Storm 25
Bars: Eclat Olive Bars
Headset: Wethepeople Compact
Stem: Wethepeople Hydra
Grips: Eclat Pulsar Grips
Cranks:  Eclat Spire Cranks
Sprocket: Eclat AK Guard Sprocket
BB: Wethepeople Compact
Chain: Shadow Supreme Chain
Pedals: Eclat Contra Pedals
Seat: Wethepeople Team Tripod
Post: Eclat Tripod
Front Rim: Eclat Bondi V2 Rim
Front Hub: Eclat Cortex Front Hub
Front Tyre: Tioga Spectr 2.4
Rear Rim: Eclat Bondi V2 Rim
Rear Hub: Eclat Cortex Freecoaster
​Rear Tyre: Tioga Spectr 2.4
Pegs: Eclat Venom x 4


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