Are you Roadtrip Ready?


Some of the best memories on and off my bike have been made while out on the road with a bunch of good friends. Awe-inspiring nights under the stars, endless highways traversing this sunburnt country to swimming in natural rock pools; all while riding your bike and seeing parts of Australia you mightn’t otherwise stop at. 

Road trips are an integral part of BMX, so we thought it useful to let you guys in on a few tips before you take to the road yourself. With summer fast approaching, it’s getting to that point where your feet start getting itchy and the road looks more appealing than it has all year. Before taking off, there are a few things you might not have thought about that will make your trip way more BMX! 



The first thing to decide is where you want to explore! If you live in QLD, a popular destination for BMX riders is the seemingly magical northern rivers area of NSW. With plenty of rad skatepark facilities including Goonellabah, Nimbin, Lismore, Tweed Heads and many more in the region, you won’t run out of concrete plazas and bowl offerings. To top things off, once you’ve finished riding for the day, sweaty, exhausted and satisfied; there are plenty of places to enjoy a swim, be it ample beaches or freshwater spots. Further, free camp zones are common if you get off the beaten track. If heading south doesn’t work for you, then head north and experience places such as the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and beyond. 



Once you have chosen a place to explore, then you will need to assemble an equally psyched crew to share the road trip with. This part is usually pretty easy as BMX riders love hitting the road in pursuit of discovery and adventure! You may wish to stick with what you know or alternatively, use the road trip as a means to make new friends. Whatever your choice, make sure you get along as you will generally be in each other’s pockets. Road trips are certainly a good way to more deeply experience and understand the personality of your mates. 



The next thing to think about is the rig! You will absolutely want to make sure your bike isn’t going to fall apart or require fixing while you’re on a road trip. If you live locally, you may wish to drop into the shop for a service and a restock of the basics like spare tubes, bar ends and grips. Before taking off, it’s important to check your bike to ensure spokes are tight, stem and crank bolts aren’t loose and there is ample air in your tyres. You might also want to make sure that all your parts are greased and lubed to keep the rolling smooth. This could also be a great opportunity to grab a multi-tool to ensure you aren’t stranded while out and about


- LUX founder & wheel building sensei Evan preparing a new wheel pre-road trip 


Once you have all that sorted, all that's left to do is to fill up the car, stock an esky with ice and find a kickass playlist. What a privilege it is to be able to hit the road with some dudes that love this stuff just as much as you do! If you are looking to experience a road trip but don’t know where to go, get in contact with the helpful and friendly staff at LUXBMX, we would be only too happy to assist!