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DVD Premieres, ‘Tear Da Club Up’ (TDCU) and movie nights at LUXBMX

The world premiere of TDCU, filmed and edited by LUXBMX’s own Troy Charlesworth, was recently shown at the New Farm cinemas in Brisbane. 


For everyone that was lucky enough to pick up a ticket and attend the evening, you likely experienced a remarkable event amongst a slew of enthusiastic young hooligans. There is something truly special that occurs when you bring together the BMX community to share and experience a BMX video, it’s probably scientifically validated, however it feels as close to magic as you can get. The excitement bulges at the seams, the noise deafens and the atmosphere is thick; each of these themes urging the senses to new heights and each refusing to leave your memory. It’s a feeling that cannot be replicated nor reproduced!

If you weren’t able to make it to the TDCU premiere, don’t fret, the digital download is available here.  

Video premieres are such an important part of a thriving BMX community and at LUXBMX we strongly believe in supporting such an environment for all the biker boys and girls. While video premieres (to an equal calibre of TDCU) aren’t occurring regularly, and rightly so as they take a long time to produce, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t similar opportunities. LUXBMX is right in the thick of the BMX community and as such, are privy to all the latest BMX videos hitting the web, as well as creating and producing our own BMX videos.

What better way to unveil a new project, to reminisce over a classic, than to share it with a bunch of like-minded equally excited individuals at the LUXBMX clubhouse! To nurture this sensation, LUXBMX now hosts regular movie nights at our Woolloongabba location, the most recent being Fitbikeco’s unmitigated 2007 classic ‘Fit Life’ - filmed and edited by Brian Wizmerski & Ryan Navazio and featuring deadset legends like Mike Aitken, Chase Hawk and Van Homan. The evening was a ripper with a great turnout of punters sharing in the visuals as well as experiencing the ramp at the back of the clubhouse. 

LUXBMX will be announcing the date of the next movie night soon so keep your eyes peeled and come and check it out!