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Dovey Shredding at Alexandra Headland Skatepark + Bike Check

A few weeks ago I messaged Dovey asking if he had any time to come film some clips riding a skatepark of his choice, he was keen and chose Alex heads park. With the Coral Sea as this skateparks backdrop and the sun slowly rising into the sky, the mood was set for the morning. 
As Troy and I arrived we saw Dovey warming up in the bowl, we grabbed some breakfast and headed over to the park. 


After a quick leg stretch, we set up the camera gear and started talking to Dovey about what he was trying to film that morning. From the word go Dovey turned it on and started clocking clips for the below video. Huge airs mixed with technical lip riding is a real treat to watch and before long, Dovey had a crowd watching the free demo.

It didn’t take long for myself and Troy to feel like we had a video from what we filmed and before the clock hit 9 am we were finished for the morning. We headed back to Brisbane stoked on what we had got to witness and the footage we are able to show you guys! Hell yeah, Dovey!  

Enjoy the video!



Dovey was also lucky enough to build a new bike recently, he seems to keep a similar theme for most bikes and this is no different, matte black and fast as hell! 
See all the parts listed below.


Frame: Fly Bikes Sierra 21"




Fork: Fly Bikes volcano
Handlebars: Fly Bikes Sierra 9”
Stem: Fly Bikes Volcano 25mm
Grips: Fly Bikes Ruben
Headset: Fly Bikes Volcano 15mm




Cranks: Fly Bikes170mm Dolman
Pedals: Fly Bikes Ruben plastics
Seat: Fly Bikes Sierra
Seat Post: Fly Bikes tripod
Bottom Bracket: Fly Bikes Rotar





Sprocket: Fly Bikes Tractor 29t
Chain: Fly Bikes Tractor
Tires: Ruben 2.4
Front Wheel: Magneto Hub alloy axle laced to a Lunar rim
Rear Wheel: Magneto Hub crmo axle laced to a Lunar rim