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'What's Good?' Sean Gardner X The Levis Video (Anthony Napolitan)

Welcome to round 24 of the latest LUXBMX journal segment, 'What's Good?'. To reiterate, we reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest (or oldest) biking madness. It's called 'What's Good?' and for this instalment, I've sought out Blue Mountains bred and now north Brisbane based biker (and CULT rider) Sean Gardner in figuring out what BMX video get's him super hyped and why. WHYYYY! 

As mentioned in the previous episode, Pat Fallico (and Lachlan Kirkwood - interestingly) both mentioned Sean Gardner as someone who would be interesting to chat with around an influential BMX video and perhaps someone who warrants having the focus turned their way. Coincidentally, this was a simple agreement in that I had already got a hold of Sean and were working through the words that you're able to read below. 

Sean is both a 'close to home' type selection and at the same time, a fresh and unrecognisable face. I say this in that he lives in Brisbane and works at LUXBMX, however isn't someone that I have hung out with or rode with all that much over the years. The dude always surprises me with his depth of skills and the way he can manoeuvre his bike around. As you can see in the above image, he is well equipped in the field of clicking a turndown and/or lookback, seriously. 

Perhaps growing up in the Blue Mountains and looking up to riders like Xave Koen, Dan Donges and Dan Baker, all known for their manhandling prowess. 

Let's check out what Sean rates in terms of a significant BMX video, one that may have helped to shape how the dude rides and maybe even how his character has formed over time.

"I'd never spent a lot of time watching parts growing up, if I wasn't at the skatepark I was generally playing games on the PS. It's only been in the last 5 or 6 years that I've seen Etnies 'Forward' and both of the 'Anthem' videos and I think if Boorman (Tom) hadn't put them on in Hell on Wheels, I still wouldn't have seen them haha."

"With that being said, I think the video that had the biggest impact on me/my riding was 'The Levis Video' that came with a Transworld mag or something? I must have watched it like 200+ times easily.

The biggest influence from the video for me would have been Anthony Napolitan, watching his part always left me stoked! He didn't do the craziest tricks (at least by todays standards) but everything he did looked so dialled! There's a clip of an x to turndown air and it just looked so effortless and stylish. I vividly remember seeing it and knowing that I had to learn that trick. 

Anthony's riding just had a certain flow to it that just stuck with me, it was as if you could tell that he had a lot of trust in his bike if that makes sense? Almost like he knew exactly what would happen with each input he made. That's something I've always admired in riding and love seeing it when it shines through in others."

For those interested, the clip Sean mentions above (x to turndown) goes down at 3.44 in the above video. It is indeed, a super elegant piece of biking and equally well shot. Does it not feel weird in hindsight (this video came out in 2008) to think that Levi's made a BMX video? It feels strange to me. 

Anyway. Shouts to Sean for remaining committed to this piece and for coming through with a great selection. I hadn't given much thought to this video in a while so it's great to get a reminder. Love that it was originally viewed by Sean through being attached to a magazine. That was seriously the shit, so many kids will never get that experience these days!