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LUXBMX Won the Vans Circle 2022 Video Competition! 


We couldn’t be more stoked on our team dudes for winning the Vans BMX Circle video competition for 2022. When we knew we were invited back in the competition for 2022 we got really excited to get to work straight away. A project like this takes more than just heading out with the team. It takes planning, good weather, the right mix of crew, the right filmers and making sure the spots are good for the riders. 


- Ryan Rostirolla 


Our team consisted of Raph Jeroma-Williams, Jake Norris, Alex Hiam, Will Fraser and Ryan Rostirolla. It was filmed by Troy Charlesworth, with help from Mitch Wood and myself (Tim Storey). The dudes were super easy to film with and were all more than keen to get out and go hard for the cause. With Jake Norris living in Rockhampton, we knew we were only going to get one chance to film with him so we got to work with the local guys. Alex, Raph and Will are all Brisbane locals so we started getting clips straight away. In the meantime we planned to get Norris to Brisbane on a weekend that wasn’t going to be raining. Ryan lives 1.5 hours north so he started coming down on the weekends and getting some solid clips.  


- Jake Norris | Raph Jeroma-Williams


We sat around the table at LUX back in August and brainstormed a concept for the video. We discussed filming a local band name Life On Earth that some of the crew had seen weeks before after a session at the pool. Troy and Mitch went and saw the band again and let them know what we were thinking. After a few restless days we heard back from the band that they were keen and things started to fall together. We spent multiple nights out steadily stacking clips for the two months we had.

On the night of the band recording, we all met at a small bar in the South Brisbane area of Brisbane called It’s Still a Secret. As we set up and recorded the band doing their thing we got multiple takes of several improvised songs. As the night went on and things started to wind down, Roman (the lead vocalist) asked if we wanted any more and Troy said “give us one more”. It was this song that we used. Life On Earth are super talented and watching them was rad!

As time drew closer to the submission date, Troy got the boys together one last time to get some final B-roll to tie everything together. We spent a fun afternoon and night zuippign around Brisbane city with a camera hanging off a car and got the drone shots.

Troy spent more hours than we can count perfecting the edit down to the frame. I'm pretty sure everyone at LUX knows the song off by heart now. We don't think it could've turned out much better!


- Raph Jeroma-Williams Courthouse Pegs


From everyone here at LUXBMX we just wanted to thank Vans for the opportunity. To all the riders involved, thank you for putting in the work that got us over the line in the first place. A special mention to Raph, not just for killing it for the past 2 decades here in Brisbane and abroad, but for turning up to every session with the best attitude and biggest smile. It’s no wonder he won the MVP rider of the competition, you should be everyone's favourite rider! Finally, thank you to the other shops for the tough competition. The riding, the filming, the concepts and the variety of talent was unreal! 


Check out the full video here: