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LUXBMX Crew lights up Jindalee Skatepark 


Here at LUXBMX, we are proud that we are rider owned and run, and that's not something we just say, we actually ride! There is something special about riding at night, and any opportunity we get, this is something we love doing at LUXBMX. When we filmed our recent Vans circle video we strategised to film 50% of it at night because it looks so good! It can be hard to get all of our staff together for a session with the hours we work and everyone having their own lives aswell. So when we get the chance to do so it's usually pretty sick!  


- Jindalee skatepark on expired film. 


The other night after work we headed down to Jindalee skatepark to get a session after the sun had dropped. With most of our staff in attendance, we set up some lights and got the session cranking. Mikey bought his point-and-shoot and captured some of the moments on some expired film while Mitch and I filmed the dudes go ham! 


- Sean Gardener tuck no-hander to fakie 


We are going to be doing this more often and inviting you guys down to join in on the sessions so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that.