On the Couch with LUXBMX - Cody Pollard & Mike Vockenson 


Cody Pollard is hands down one of the best dudes on and off the bike, he can do no wrong! So when his old friend and Australian BMX legend Mike Vockenson came to us with the idea of a significant written interview between the 2, similar to something you would have seen in an old copy of Dig or Ride UK, you know we were keen. Mike got to work and came up with a slew of well-thought-out questions and was excited to hear back from Pollard. 


- Cody Pollard blasting 

The interview was based on Cody’s recent travels to America, but as Cody started to type out his replies, he realised this was something he would rather do with Mike in person. Cody and Mike have known each other for years, but as life goes on, the guys haven't been able to catch up for some time. This was a great opportunity for the boys to catch up and have an organic conversation while covering all the stuff that you want to hear.


- Fast & Loose crew

LUXBMX is proud of its riders and we thought this was the perfect excuse to re-ignite the LUXBMX ‘On the Couch’ series, a place for both meaningful and casual chats with members of the Australian BMX community.  Sit back and watch Cody and Mike chop it up in an unscripted conversation between two old friends. The guys cover everything from Cody quitting work, starting his own business, riding at 5am and some crazy times in the USA.



Stay posted for more episodes soon!