Buy BMX Bikes online from Brisbane, Australia with confidence!  LUXBMX is made up from a small team of lifelong BMXers, from both Freestyle and Race backgrounds, we stock the Best BMX Bikes for all ages, sizes and riding levels. (We also like to think that we stock the Cool Bmx Bikes!) From Cheap BMX Bikes, to Beginner BMX Bikes, to Intermediate BMX Bikes, to Pro BMX Bikes- We have you covered with loads of freestyle BMX Bikes For Sale and BMX Race Bikes For Sale!  

No matter what style of riding you plan on doing we have the bike you need. We have Street BMX Bikes, Dirt BMX Bikes, Park BMX Bikes, Flatland BMX Bikes, Race BMX Bikes, Wheelie BMX Bikes, Mid School BMX Bikes, Old School BMX Bikes and soo much more!

Need help with picking a bike? Check out our BMX Buyers Guide or not sure which size bike would fit you best?  2020 BMX Bike Size Guide here. Or hunting for a bargain? try reading through the Best Bikes for less than $300 in 2020  

Top Sellers

DK Nano Balance Bike

From $188.99

RRP $219.99 -14%

DK Devo 12in Bike

From $298.99

RRP $299.99
RRP $559.99 -13%

DK Devo 12in Bike

From $298.99

RRP $299.99

Sunday Blueprint 20 Bike (2022)


From $658.99

RRP $659.99

Academy Aspire Bike

From $599.99

RRP $679.99 -12%

Wethepeople CRS FC 20 Bike (2021)


From $829.99

RRP $844.99
RRP $1,999.99
RRP $1,999.99
RRP $499.99

Verde AV Bike (2021)


Now From $494.09

RRP $549.99 -10%

Kink Pump 14 Bike (2022)


From $469.99

RRP $529.99 -11%

Kink Kicker 18 Bike (2022)


From $588.99

RRP $599.99
RRP $649.99 -12%

Kink Curb 20 Bike (2022)


From $538.99

RRP $549.99
RRP $1,039.99 -18%
RRP $1,199.99

Academy Entrant Bike

From $484.99

RRP $589.99 -18%

Academy Origin 16 Bike

From $388.99

RRP $399.99
RRP $2,489.99
RRP $2,599.99 -12%
RRP $799.99

DK Nano Balance Bike

From $188.99

RRP $219.99 -14%

DK Swift Pro Bike

From $629.99

RRP $4,299.99
RRP $3,001.99
RRP $999.99
RRP $6,999.99

Wethepeople Arcade Bike (2021)


From $854.99

RRP $894.99

Wethepeople Battleship Bike (2021)


From $1,898.99

RRP $1,994.99

Wethepeople CRS 20 Bike (2021)


From $749.99

RRP $794.99

Wethepeople Nova Bike (2021)


From $738.99

RRP $744.99

DK Deka Bike


From $386.99

RRP $399.99

Forgotten Lurker 20 Inch Bike

20.65 TT

From $648.99

RRP $649.99

Chase Element Expert-XL (2022)


From $2,119.49

RRP $2,354.99
RRP $1,499.99 -22%

Colony Bloody Oath 26in Bike

26 Inch Wheel

From $899.00

RRP $449.99

DK Flux Bike (2021)

From $849.99

Radio Cobalt Mini Bike (2021)


From $799.99

RRP $899.99 -11%

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Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 26 February 2018  

How to assemble a BMX bike.

The LUXBMX guide to building your brand new BMX using our recommended deluxe shipping method.

Written and demonstrated by Alex


Congrats on your purchase of a brand new BMX! Below is a guide on how to build bikes when using our deluxe bike shipping service.

Step 1: Open your box

If you've purchased a bike using our deluxe shipping service your BMX should be 99% assembled. Open the box and take note of who assembled it for you!

Step 2: Remove from box

Remove your bike and place with front wheel facing up towards you (we place the bike on top of the box as it is easy to maneuver at this height)


Step 3: Remove packaging

Cut the zip ties holding the front wheel and remove from the bike. Remove the remaining packaging from the bike.


Step 4: Grease the pedals

Place the bike upside down on the ground for easy access to your pedals. We highly recommend using an assembly grease inside cranks to prevent binding in the future. Apply a liberal amount of grease (excess can be wiped away).

Step 5. Insert pedals

Pedals are specific for each side crank, they left side pedal should be marked with an 'L'. Once you've identified the correct pedal for each side begin to thread the pedals into the cranks. We recommend doing this by hand as it makes it harder to force them crooked and cross-thread your threads.

Step 6: Tighten the pedals

Once you've made sure that the pedals are threading in smoothly tighten them using a spanner. Most pedals have a 15mm flat and some even have a 6mm Allen key slot on the inside of the spindle.


Step 7: Install Front Wheel

Place front wheel into forks with the tread pattern facing the same way as the rear tyre. Tighten the nuts/bolts finger tight.


Tightening the nuts by hand allows the front wheel to fully sit into the fork dropouts when flipped upside down.  Once you've done this flip the bike over onto its wheels.


Step 7: Install Front Wheel

Put weight down on your front wheel and tighten the axle nuts with an appropriate spanner or socket.



Step 8: Install LUX Sticker

One of the most important steps. Install your favourite LUXBMX sticker to let others know how rad you are!


Step 9: Smile!

Congrats! You're done. Now get out and shred!



Thanks for checking out the guide. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to get in contact with us.



Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 27 April 2016  

Nick Masling ordered a custom build online so we got some photos of it before it got sent off. Enjoy Nick! If you're looking at building a complete custom build we offer 10% off the final total and free assembly. Get in contact with us to get your dream build going.


Nick's Custom Colony Monash Specs

Frame: Colony Monash 20.8
Fork: Odyssey R32
Bars: Odyssey 49er
Headset: Odyssey Pro
Stem: Odyssey Boss Stem
Grips: ODI Longneck Flangeless
Cranks:  Wethepeople Legacy
Sprocket: Odyssey 30th Anniverary 25t
BB: Odyssey
Chain: Odyssey Keychain Solid
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Seat: Odyssey Monogram Tripod
Post: Odyssey Tripod
Front Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Front Hub: Odyssey Antigram
Front Tyre: Odyssey Hawk 2.4
Rear Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Rear Hub: Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster
Rear Hub Guard: Odyssey SXTN Clutch
​Rear Tyre: Odyssey Hawk 2.4



Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 3 September 2015  

The awesome new range of Academy BMX bikes are back for 2016 and better than ever. Academy BMX bikes represent some of the best value for money on the market with some eye-grabbing colours to boot. Pop in store for a test ride or buy one online with free-shipping.

Click on a bike below to see more detailed specs or have a read of our BMX Buyers Guide if you're unsure of what you need.


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 1 June 2015  

We've created a buyers guide to help you pick the perfect BMX for you. Hit the image above or click HERE to check it out and let us know what you think.


First step is figuring out which skill level you’re at. Your skill on a bike is pretty important when choosing a new bike as it determines the strength that the components need to have to handle the abuse you dish out to the bike.


Rider height and weight also plays a big part in choosing your perfect ride. Bikes of different levels are designed with a range of geometries to suit riders of all heights and sizes. While there’s no set rule on what sized bike you should ride (in the end it’s all about personal preference) we created a rough guide for which bike you you should feel most comfortable on.


Having ridden BMX our entire lives- and some of us being parents, rest assured we have experience in every department. LUXBMX carries Australia's biggest range of Freestyle & Race BMX Bikes, we stock all the best brands and models that we believe in, and truly stand by every BMX Bike you see listed. We stock Boys BMX Bikes and Girls BMX Bikes, BMX Bikes for Adults as well as Unisex BMX Bikes. We have the Best BMX Bikes available for every budget and Rider Skill Level, so be sure to reach out if you need any further expert advice...

REMEMBER: We offer FREE SHIPPING on all BMX Bikes to metro areas within Australia*.  This is the reason LUXBMX is your go-to shop for complete BMX Bikes online.


At LUXBMX we live and breathe BMX. Whether it be freestyle or race every single one of our staff is a die-hard BMXer so you know that you're always getting the best advice. LUXBMX stocks the largest range of BMX bikes in the country at the best prices. On the rare chance you've seen it cheaper elsewhere hit the price match button on the product and we'll beat it!