Colony Oz-One Frame - Ozone BMX Frame Homage

Author: Mitch   Date Posted:8 June 2018 

Ozone BMX Frame

30 years difference in BMX frame technology. The 2018 Colony Oz-One next to a 1988 Ozone Method Air.


Australia's own Colony BMX has built a bit of reputation for releasing some killer retro-inspired reissue frames but this latest offering has really knocked it out of the park. The Colony Oz-One frame pays homage to the Ozone Method Series BMX frames from the late eighties with a few modern tweaks to make it a functional frame for BMX riding.

Ross from Unscene History was kind enough to write a few words about the release for us as well as loaning us an original Ozone frame from the Unscene BMX archives.


"With the increased popularity of 80s and 90s retro frames, Colony BMX has announced a limited edition frame inspired by one of freestyle’s great, yet short-lived, brands Ozone.

As street riding began to take hold of freestyle in the late 80s, Ozone and their groundbreaking team of street riders and flatlanders were at the forefront of a new expressive style of riding, persona and aesthetic; rattling the bones of traditional freestyle. As Alan Brown, the owner for Ozone, said, “Ozone became the haven for the hardcore and the disenfranchised”.

In 1988 Ozone released two frames, a complete bike, and range of parts. The Method 01 the Method Air frames were available in chrome / white and chrome / black colourways with some iconic artwork that would hold todays BMX designers at ransom.

Despite Ozone being a brand for the ‘real’ rider, the company only lasted a year or so due to “lack of interest”. The reality was that many riders wanted an Ozone, however due to low production numbers and the recession of BMX looming in the late 80s; many riders simply couldn’t get their hands on one.  In Australia, we saw less than 10 frames and completes reach our shores during the late 80s and early 90s. If you owned an Ozone in Australia, you were considered one of the lucky ones.

Colony BMX owner Clint Millar was one of those riders who wasn’t able to own an Ozone and hence the Colony Oz-One was born. The Oz-One captures the essence of what was great about the Method frames - the twin top tube, the unique seat stay supports, two-tone paint finish, and iconic 80s decal art. While most people see the connection between the Ozone and the Oz-One, it should be noted that this bike is not a replica or an exact modernised version of the Ozone.

The Colony Oz-One is perfect for that 80s or 90s rider that wants a functional frame designed for today’s riding, or the collector that wants something reminiscent to a great era of freestyle. There has also been some strong interest from today’s generation who are embracing twin top as something different from most frames currently available on the market." - Ross Lavender, Unscene History


These will be available in October and pre-orders are open now. We have one of the sample Colony Oz-One frames in store to check out in the meantime. The hype behind these has been crazy so if you're set on one we suggest reserving yours now. Preorders can be made with a non-refundable $50 deposit at this link.


Colony Ozone Frame AustraliaColony Ozone BMX Frame

Headtube and rear stay details of the Colony Oz-One frame.

Ozone Double Top Tube Frame

The new Oz-One features a modern integrated headset.

Ozone Reissue FrameBuy Colony Oz-One Frame Australia

The new Colony Oz-One frame features the unmistakable double top tube design of the Ozone for the old school BMX aesthetic.

Colony Oz One Frame Free Shipping

The Colony Ozone frame comes in a chrome-plated finish with white paint over the top to complete the retro look.

Colony Oz-One Frame Best PriceColony Oz One Frame Brisbane

The original Ozone BMX frames featured brake mounts below the chainstays, pretty rad but not really functional. The new Colony Oz-One features welded chainstay mounts.

Oz One Method Frame 1988

Ross Lavender's original 1988 Ozone Method Air frame in all of it's glory.

Ozone BMX frame by ColonyOzone Old School BMX

The Colony Ozone frame features modern BMX dropouts to prevent hanging up on grinds and stalls.



Pre-order now for October 2018 release.